Kids Program

About the Program

Our Kids Program is designed for developmental purposes. Martial Arts training involves facing challenges and setbacks teaching kids to persevere through difficulties cultivates resilience, reinforcing the idea that setbacks are a part of the learning process. Martial Arts can significantly contribute to enhancing kids’ confidence and discipline in several ways.

We do things differently than many other mixed martial arts schools! We offer a free class to anyone interested in trying us out!

Skill Development

Learning and mastering martial arts techniques builds a child’s competence, boosting their confidence as they see tangible progress in their abilities.



Martial Arts emphasize self-control and discipline in movements and actions. Kids learn to manage their impulses, control their bodies, and channel their energy in a positive manner.

Respect & Courtesy

Martial arts instills a culture of respect for instructors, peers, and the art itself. This emphasis on respect contributes to improved discipline by teaching children to follow instructions and treat others with courtesy.


Routine and Consistency

Regular martial arts practice establishes routines, teaching kids the importance of consistency and dedication. This routine fosters discipline as they commit to attending classes and practicing regularly.

Why Try Our Free Trial?

Embarking on a martial arts journey is a significant decision, and we want to make sure you and your child feel confident and comfortable with your choice. Our free trial allows you to step onto the mat, meet our passionate instructors, and get a firsthand experience of the exciting world of martial arts.

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If you have questions about our children's martial arts program, we are happy to help. Please fill out the form below to inquire about our kids' program, and we will contact you immediately.

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What everyone is saying

"If you live in Houston and are interested in self-defense or fight training, you need to do yourself a favor and come visit them in Spring, TX. Joe Morris has assembled a top-tier coaching staff with a variety of backgrounds to offer students the very best in training. The facility is immaculate and the training equipment is top-notch."

— Stephen

“Condition 1 Combat Center is a practical system that can be used in everyday life. The head instructor/founder Joe Morris always makes sure you leave a session prepared, fatigued, and wanting more. I'm 3 days in and can't wait for the next class. If you are looking for a training facility that will get you prepared for everyday combat situations on the streets then this is your place. Thank you Joe Morris for opening Condition 1. See you in the next class.”

– PJ D.

“Great place to learn self-defense and fighting techniques you can use in the real world. Joe, the head instructor is top-notch when it comes to taking the time to work with students and is always ready to help push you to the next level. Knowing how to defend yourself and your loved ones, if needed and getting into great shape at the same time, is a win/win for me.”

– Cory Lyons

"I visited this gym to take a private lesson with Matt Smith, the grappling coach, and I was very impressed by both the lesson and the facility in Spring, TX. Matt’s knowledge and attention to detail is inspiring and the lesson was worth every penny. I learned several gems that immediately improved my wrestling."

— Eric S.

“Great martial arts school with an excellent head instructor. Joe knows what he's teaching and is very good at showing students proper fighting skills and explaining how things are done the way they are done that way. The drills are pragmatic and provide a good workout. I feel great after the workouts. I highly recommend Condition One Combat Center to any and all who want to learn a practical fighting skill for real-world situations and get in better shape while doing so.”

– Jeff Copeland

"I trained with Joe and Tia for many years in the past and was beyond excited to hear that they were going to open up their own school. I signed my son up the second I heard about their kids' program and that they were taking on new members. Within the first 5 minutes of taking him to his first class, I was all in and decided to sign up everyone in my family."

— John Cooper

"If you live in Houston and are interested in Self Defense or fight training you need to do yourself a favor and come visit."

— Stephen

"I can’t recommend this place enough. The instructors are very generous with their time/knowledge and the entire group is welcoming."

— Reece Pridgen

"Joe Morris leads an all-star team of the best of the best martial arts instructors that know how to teach from beginner to expert level. Condition 1 Combat is bound to become the very best martial arts gym in Texas if not the US."

— Miranda S.